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These drop-ins across the KFL&A area offer parents a chance to meet with a public health nurse and receive resources and support. Click on the Calendar link at the top of the page for the dates and locations of Babytalk Drop-ins around the KFL&A area.
A public health nurse certified by the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants provides one-on-one information and support at a confidential clinic appointment. To make an appoinment please call our Child & Babytalk Phone Line.
A public health nurse is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except on statutory holidays) to answer questions on prenatal, infant and child care, includes preconceptional health, healthy pregnancies, postpartum mood disorders, breastfeeding, child growth and development, parenting, nutrition, and child safety. The public health nurse can link callers to different community services. Referrals can be made to a number of programs, including Healthy Babies, Healthy Children, Breastfeeding Buddies, and Take Control Baby Steps.

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This program is for pregnant women and families with children from birth to age 6. The program provides information and support to help give children the best start in life by connecting parents with services and resources in the community. New mothers are contacted following discharge from hospital and offered information and support by a public health nurse, either by telephone or during a home visit.
Prenatal breastfeeding classes are free of charge and are scheduled regularly throughout the year. The two hour evening class is taught by a lactation consultant and offers information about the benefits of breastfeeding, latching and positioning, infant feeding cues, how to know baby is feeding well, common challenges, and community supports. Partners are encouraged to attend as they will learn many ways to provide support to the breastfeeding mom and baby. For more information or to register for a breastfeeding class, please call 613-549-1232 ext 1567.
Contact Information
Child & Babytalk Line
613-549-1154 or
1-800-267-7875, ext. 1555

Child & BabyTalk in KFL&A

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