Lyme Disease
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Infectious Disease Prevention Program
KFL&A Public Health is mandated through the Health Protection and Promotion Act of Ontario to track and control the spread of infectious diseases in the KFL&A area. This includes over 50 communicable diseases that must be reported to KFL&A Public Health for follow-up by a public health nurse, infection control practitioner, or public health inspector.
Lyme Disease

 KFL&A Public Health monitors Lyme disease activity by collecting ticks submitted by residents that have been found on humans. We do not accept ticks from animals.  These ticks are submitted for testing and species identification.
Testing of ticks is NOT used for the purpose of diagnosing Lyme disease. Tick submissions are used only as a surveillance tool so KFL&A Public Health can be aware of where ticks are being found in the KFL&A area.
Tick results will take at least 8 weeks to return, but could be longer when larger quantities of ticks are submitted. KFL&A Public Health will notify you if the tick you submitted tests positive for the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.
A tick must be attached to a person for at least 24 hours to transmit the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. If the tick you are submitting was attached to you for longer than 24 hours, and you removed the tick in the last 72 hours, contact your health care provider to discuss if a preventive dose of antibiotics to decrease your risk for Lyme disease is appropriate for you.
Symptoms of Lyme disease in humans may include, but are not limited to, a “bull’s eye” rash, fever, headache, fatigue, and muscle and joint pain. If you develop signs and symptoms of Lyme disease contact your health care provider immediately.

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